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Cause Description


  • ‘Facts about Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs)
  • There is approximately a staggering 153 million orphans worldwide.
  • 95% of all orphans are over the age of five.
  • Every day 5,760 more children become orphans.
  • Orphans and vulnerable children are forced into sex work.
  • Every year over 2 million children will become orphans.
  • Every 2.2 seconds another orphan ages out (turns 18) without a family, an education or a place to call home.
  • 60% of orphaned girls are lured into sex work. 70% of orphaned boys become hardened criminals.
  • Many of these children accept job offers that ultimately result in their being sold as slaves. Millions of girls are sex slaves today, simply because they were unfortunate enough to grow up as orphans.

Our Work

  • Provide resources that sustain physical, emotional and educational needs of orphans around the globe.
  • Raise the awareness of the drastic despair that orphans face daily and educate individuals and corporations on how we can collectively address their need and give them hope.
  • Provide housing for orphans, medical care, food daily and hope for the least of these among us.

You Can Change A Life

  • Partner with the Joseph Assignment to have a large impact on the unfortunate livelihoods of orphans and vulnerable children around the globe. Each child receives three meals a day, basic household necessities, medical care and an opportunity to receive an enriched educational experience.

Support Today

  • Become a monthly contributor to support our on-going commitment to provide food, medical care, clothes, shelter and school supplies for orphans and vulnerable children around the world.
  • Host a fundraising campaign with your network of friends to ensue these precious children are equipped for success.
  • 100% of all gifts impact lives.

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