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Cause Description

Facts about Shelter

  • Over 1 billion people are living in unsafe and impoverished living conditions.
  • 5 to 7 people live in a 10×10 one room shack. (with no adult privacy).
  • The structural quality is very poor and dangerous in most thatch and clay homes.
  • The WHO estimates that nearly 2 million people in developing countries die from indoor air pollution/inadequate ventilation.
  • Poor housing means that diseases spread more rapidly.

Our Work

  • We provide suitable eco-friendly housing for orphans, vulnerable children and families living in poverty.
  • We teach residents how to work together and build homes, access safe water and employ proper hygiene/sanitation practices.
  • As we improve living conditions we reduce the time burden of women and children enabling them to attend school and minimize the spread of commutable diseases, kidnapping and rape.

You Can Change A Life

  • Become a monthly contributor. By contributing you will do the following: control overcrowding living conditions, build sustainable houses and ensure safe living conditions are being provided for orphans/vulnerable children and their families.

Make a Donation

  • Donate a days pay toward housing development.
  • Make a donation, your contribution will save lives and restore dignity making a huge difference in a child’s life, become a monthly contributor.
  • Host a campaign to raise funds to support shelter for orphans/vulnerable children and poor families in a remote village in Africa.
  • 100% of your contribution brings hope to a poor family or orphan/vulnerable children in Africa.

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