No One Has Ever Become Poor By Giving!

Our Partners

The Joseph Assignment 100% Method

JAGI is a non-profit organization providing life transforming resources and support to children and adults living in extreme poverty in several developing nations. Our commitment is and always will be 100% of the need being met by 100% of your donation. You are our valued partner. Our devoted commitment is to you and the people we serve together. We provide photos, project updates, GPS coordinates and videos to keep you and/or your groups/organizations directly connected from the beginning to the completion of your projects.

Together we have literally transformed the lives of almost half a million men’s, women’s, and children’s lives throughout the world. Because of you, waterborne illnesses and diseases have been eradicated in rural communities. You are amazing!

Thank you for choosing The Joseph Assignment to be your hands and your feet to change the life of a child… a family… a community… A NATION!


  • The need is communicated
  • Donor responds with donation
  • Donation is matched to the need
  • In-country team is mobilized
  • 100% of the need is met by 100% of your donation

Help Change a Life Today!

Isn’t it good to know that great things can happen wherever you desire? Our giving opportunities let you customize your contribution to impact specific needs around the world. When you look for a return, it’s not always measured in the dollars you invest. The smile you see when you look in the mirror or the smiling faces of children and families that just benefited from you haring a real touch with them.

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